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From time to time the Pierce-Arrow Museum undertakes or sponsors reproduction of selected parts for Pierce-Arrow vehicles.

The purpose of this activity is to make parts available that are indispensable to keeping certain Pierce vehicles in operation, and that are otherwise virtually unobtainable.. The Museum wants to enable Pierce owners to keep their vehicles in running condition by meeting needs that cannot be met in any other way.

Museum projects to make parts available usually involve significant up-front expense for production of molds. The cost of the molds can then be spread over a number of purchasers.

The following products are currently available by special order.

-- Headlight lenses (pairs) for 1933-1934 Pierce-Arrows
        cast in tough durable acrylic plastic  (replacing original fragile aged glass lenses)

-- Replacement running board rubber for 1933-1938 Pierce-Arrows

        Identical pattern to original -- 66 inches long


-- Cast iron exhaust manifolds for 1929 Pierce-Arrows







--  Distributor caps, tops, buttons and rotors for the Delco 668E distributor used in 1929 and 1930 Model A and B Pierce-Arrows



Pierce owners interested in obtaining these products should direct inquiries to one of the Foundation officers listed on the Pierce-Arrow Foundation page.