What You Will See at the Museum

A Full Range of Pierce-Arrow Vehicles

A Majority of the Vehicles are Permanent

About two dozen significant Pierce-Arrow vehicles including cars, bicycles, motorcycles and travel trailers covering the full range of production years from 1903 to 1938, are always on display. Most have been restored to original condition and show Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company products at their very best. From time to time there are vehicles exhibited in unrestored condition, showing how well Pierce products have held up over three quarters of a century since production ceased.

A majority of the vehicles are permanent. Others are on loan from owners and rotated to provide variety to the presentation each year. Some rotation occurs during the year due to activities or use in the other displays at the Gilmore Car Museum campus.


A number of interesting items are exhibited which are connected with the design, development and production of Pierce-Arrows.

Engines and other vehicle parts displayed provide an opportunity to look closely at components that are hard to examine in a complete vehicle because they are under the hood or chassis.

A number of interesting documents and other ephemera pertaining to the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company and the Pierce-Arrow Society are also displayed.

Advertisements & Art

For its promotional campaigns, Pierce-Arrow commissioned a number of sophisticated paintings by prominent artists.

These appeared in full-page advertisements during the early decades of the Company’s existence. Later advertisements included new paintings of current product offerings with vignette reproductions of the earlier paintings.

A number of examples of this art and advertisements are displayed in the museum.