Why Are Pierce-Arrows so Interesting?

For 37 years, from 1901 until 1938, Pierce-Arrow produced the highest quality automobiles made in the United States

Of approximately 80,000 Pierce-Arrows produced, more than 3,000 still exist – a remarkable survival rate of almost 4% for a marque that has been out of production for more than 75 years.

Pierce-Arrow quality was conclusively established by numerous competitive endurance runs.

1932, 1933, 1934

Pierce-Arrow won the first AAA automobile tour in 1904.

Pierce-Arrows won the first five Glidden Tour runs from 1905 to 1910.

In 1932, 1933 and 1934, Ab Jenkins drove Pierce-Arrows in the 24-hour endurance runs at Bonneville Salt Flats at average speeds of 112 mph, 117 mph, and 127 mph.

The Pierce-Arrow was a Leader in Automobile Styling

1933 Silver Arrow Pierce-Arrow
1933 Silver Arrow

The 1933 Silver Arrow is STILL recognized as one of the ten most influential automobile designs of all time. Only five were made and three survive.

The fender-mounted headlight was patented by Pierce-Arrow in 1914. Headlights built into the fenders appeared on no other cars until Pierce-Arrow ceased production in 1938.

Pierce-Arrow Fender Headlights
Fender-mounted Headlights

Pierce-Arrow was a Leader in Automobile Engineering

  • Pierce-Arrow engineers perfected the hydraulic valve lifter in 1933, and it was used from that point forward in Pierce eight and twelve cylinder engines.
  • Dual valves (four valves per cylinder) provided better engine breathing between 1919 and 1928.
  • Two spark plugs per cylinder from 1919 to 1928 ensured perfect ignition.

Extra strength everywhere

The Pierce-Arrow was Recognized as The Best

1933 Presidential Inaugural Parade

Pierce-Arrows were the preferred luxury automobile of United States Presidents from William Howard Taft in 1908 until Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933.

Pierce-Arrow Owners Like Nothing Better than Driving Their Cars and Helping Others Operate, Maintain, Improve and Restore their Pierce-Arrows

Pierce-Arrow Lake Tahoe
High altitude near Lake Tahoe in 2003. Advice and help with a vapor lock issue.

Pierce-Arrow Made Something for Everyone's Taste

Pierce-Arrow made a wide variety of products and vehicles.

  • Birdcages from the 1880’s
  • Bicycles from 1892 to 1918
  • One-cylinder cars in 1901-1904
  • Four-cylinder cars from 1905- 1922
  • One-and four-cylinder motorcycles from 1909-1913
  • Six-cylinder cars from 1909-1928
  • Eight-and twelve-cylinder cars from 1929 to 1938
  • Travel trailers in 1937 and 1938
Pierce-Arrow motorcycle