20th Annual Gathering at Gilmore

August 24-27, 2023

On the long weekend of August 24-27, the Pierce-Arrow Museum at the Gilmore CarMuseum in Hickory Corners, MI will again be a focal point of this annual Pierce-Arrow Society Meet. Our two full tour days will have new roads to enjoy while visiting updated favorite spots from earlier years. Join fellow Pierce-Arrow Society members ‘Gathering at Gilmore’ to celebrate, socialize, tour in and show our special vehicles to each other and to an interested public. Bring your Pierce, ride along, or drive modern, but come have fun…and Ice Cream!

The West Michigan area offers a blend of country scenery, rich history, quaint villages, good low traffic country roads, antique shops, attractive lake and river waterfronts, private car collections, occasional boat rides & great food. If you haven’t yet been to the Gilmore Car Museum and your Pierce-Arrow Museum in Hickory Corners, MI, this is an opportunity to visit the best automotive museum complex in the world. CCCA, Cadillac, Franklin, Ford Model A and Lincoln clubs also have their museums here with over 400 vehicles on display on beautiful park-like grounds. Gilmore is just NE of Kalamazoo, MI, only 13 miles off both I-94 and I-131.